Damascus plans to restore several oil wells to rehabilitate its oil sector and increase production to more than 200,000 barrels a day, which will revive the Syrian economy after the war and the massive destruction it left.

In an exclusive interview to the RT channel, Syrian Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem, who is visiting Russia, said that the Syrian government aims to reach the production of oil by the end of 2019 to 219 thousand barrels per day.

The oil production was not more than 2000 barrels, and the gas was not more than 6.5 million cubic meters, pointing out that the oil sector in Syria was systematically destroyed by terrorist groups and international coalition forces.

He pointed out that the production of Syria before the crisis was 385 thousand barrels Of oil per day, about 21 million cubic meters of gas and 3.5 million tons of phosphate.

It owns a Syrian According to Ghanem, large reserves of gas in its coast, pointing out that the reserves of the Syrian sea section alone is 250 billion cubic meters of gas.

Losses of the Syrian oil sector exceeded 68 billion dollars

Ghanem said that the losses of the oil sector in Syria exceeded 68 And more than 200 people have been killed in this sector and 164 injured. There are 120 others missing.

The steps of liberating the Syrian army for oil sites were accompanied by an economic army of the Ministry of Oil, Step by step with the liberation of the rehabilitation of the destroyed infrastructure, pointing out that Damascus began to flood

Moscow and Damascus sign an agreement and memoranda of energy cooperation

Moscow and Damascus signed yesterday Tuesday, during the Syrian minister's visit to an agreement on cooperation in the field of energy and mineral wealth, stipulating the cooperation of both sides in the development and rehabilitation of oil and gas fields and phosphate mines, and many infrastructure projects in Syria, and the construction of a geological and geophysical information center.

To view the full interview, you can follow it on Wednesday at the RT screen at 21:00, and you will be able to follow up on all the previous agreements, especially during the Sochi meeting of the Syrian-Russian Joint Governmental Committee.

Source: Agencies

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