The Egyptian government is considering the activation of the electricity linkage project with Sudan and Ethiopia, by extending connecting lines from 4 electrical circuits to a voltage of 500 kV and a length of 1600 kilometers.


  • Al-Sisi directs 4 messages to "Sudan and Ethiopia"
  • Sudan and Ethiopia help Egypt to ease the effects of the Renaissance dam
  • Egyptian economic sources said the economic benefits of electric coupling include financial revenues for countries that will pass the interconnection lines, as well as energy security and improved reliability.

    The sources pointed out that the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity has drawn up a study for some time, including the total cost of the project He pointed out that the trend taken by Ethiopia towards Al-Nahda Dam without agreeing on Egypt's and Sudan's water quotas has stopped the executive steps of the project.

    The sources added that 3 Egyptian companies intend to launch new and renewable power plants in support of the project. Economic Partnership b Egypt and Ethiopia.

    Source: Stock Exchange + Agencies


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