Egyptian expert on biological agriculture and sustainable development Hisham Farid revealed the danger to farmers because of pollution, for the use of chemical fertilizers in the agricultural sector in Egypt.

Dr. Hisham Farid said in an exclusive statement to "RT" that the agriculture sector employs 40 million farmers, who are infected by pesticides and chemical fertilizers on a daily basis in Upper Egypt and the countryside.

Farid added that the country can not import from 40 to 60 percent of its food, so the solution lies in biological agriculture, which is considered safe. And will solve the problem of agriculture in Egypt.

He pointed out that in 2004 – 2005 he headed To Egypt in order to transfer his expertise in biological agriculture and sustainable development. He then collaborated with the Agricultural Research Center of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and the Plant Protection Research Institute. He also conducted experiments with the private sector.

The Egyptian expert said: "I did experiments to grow clean vegetables without "The results were promising and we achieved an unprecedented success with a 25 percent increase in productivity, without the use of pesticides to fight insects."

"But for bureaucratic and other reasons the project was not activated and they told me they could do it Of experiences and researchers, and since 2004 "Until now nothing has been done in Egypt and we are still cultivating unclean crops."

Farid stressed that biological farming is "prevention better than cure", meaning we help farmers and enable them by using natural and non-chemical substances to strengthen the plant and make it more resistant to disease , And in the event of any injury we treat natural materials or fungicides non-toxic, and eliminate insects harmful to natural enemies or what we call "natural predators."

Source: RT


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