The Iraqi Ministry of Oil in 2017 achieved an unprecedented financial income of 252 million dollars, thanks to the increase of national production of liquid gas and export of surplus to foreign markets

The Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said in a cable sent to Prime Minister Haider Abadi: "This achievement contributes to the strengthening of the national economy and development through the addition of financial revenues in addition to revenues from the export of oil."

In the cable that his ministry was able to rehabilitate the field "Ajil" oil in Salahaddin province and start the operations of the production and production of gas associated with oil operations at rates ranging from 50 to 70 million cubic feet a day, as it successfully completed the delivery of gas to the "North Gas Complex."

He added that this project adds a large amount of gas

The Ministry has succeeded, according to the cable, in the rehabilitation and operation of warehouses, reservoirs and stations (19659002) Source: Ministry of Oil of Iraq

Ali Jaafar

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil

has been operating in the province of Nineveh, where four government plants have been operated to fill liquid gas and open and operate 26 public factories.


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