Since the beginning of this year, speculators in virtual currencies, specifically Betcuene, have been losing each other. Last Wednesday, the currency of the Betcuain, which for almost a year had been full of ears and eyes, lost 10 per cent of its value, And current estimates indicate that last month is the worst for Pitcairn, in terms of its value decline since January 2015.
At the beginning of the year, Bitquin traded at $ 13412 per unit currency, but continued to fluctuate during the month up and down, though always bearish, to its lowest level at $ 9627, down 28.2 per cent from its value. In a month, equivalent to more than 50 per cent of its highest price in December 2017.
"January is mostly bad for the biotech," explains Alex Dunlop, a financial analyst. "Four out of five months of January from 2013 to 2017 saw the default currency depreciate. Last month, $ 60 billion of their total value, and the market is now dominated by expectations that a woman of virtual currencies may wish to see a future decline of 80 per cent in value.
"There is speculation now that the rally over the past year has been deliberately manipulated in the markets, with some speculators and companies working at Pitcairn increasing their value in an abnormal or fair way. The total value of the petrochemical has fallen from $ 335 billion in December, (December) when it reached its highest price to less than 190 billion dollars now.
Of course, the logical question posed by many investors, especially their young ones, is why the value of Pitcairn has declined after it has been a supernatural success story over the past year?
Experts and analysts disagree on how to answer this question. Some remain conservative in their support for this virtual currency, considering that what happens is just a natural correction of the value of the Betquin, and that it will continue to rise later, while others believe that Betquin and others Of the virtual currencies suffer from deficiencies in their composition as currency.
"The main factor behind the devaluation of Bitquin is the so-called Central Bank Alliance, which systematically works to stop the advance of virtual currencies, specifically Betquin," said Dr. Lizzie Bell, a banking systems professor.
"There is an international feeling by central banks and most of the official financial authorities – if not all the world – that Betcuene poses a serious threat to traditional financial systems. The decentralized nature of virtual currencies, including the Betcuen, makes them – From the point of view of the central banks – an uncontrolled, uncontrollable or unpredictable currency. Therefore, all countries of the world have intervened either to stop selling, buying and trading, as in India and China, or by adopting very strong regulatory measures. The default currency loses its independence Z ground. "
This analysis carries a high degree of realism and a logical explanation for the decline in the value of the virtual currency. The price of the virtual currency fell following reports that South Korea, one of the most heavily traded markets of the Betcuene, is regulating the market.
This was accompanied by statements by South Korean finance minister Kim Dong-yun that the option of a ban on dealing with those currencies was "a strong option" for the South Korean authorities, whose government is currently drafting a law limiting virtual currency trading.
According to the British Independent Web site, its popularity among criminals, who tend to prefer money, is one of the biggest concerns about Betquin because it allows them to hide their identities while buying illicit goods.
As of Jan. 30, the South Korean government has imposed rules allowing only bank accounts to be used in circulation, to stop the use of Bitquin and other digital currencies for money laundering and other crimes. Shortly after the rules were imposed, the value of the "bettquin" declined significantly.
But some experts, while not dismissing the idea that the "central bank alliance" against virtual currencies is a major factor in the sharp decline in their prices, believe that other factors are linked to the concept of virtual currency itself.
Simon Hawley, chief executive officer of International Investment Company, said that "virtual currencies, of course," Betcquin "lack a major value rooted in traditional currencies. The dollar, sterling or yen are all guaranteed by the central banks that export them. In a way that can not be foreseen and is not controlled by economic factors for the absence of the underlying value, but this situation may change in the future if it becomes a medium for large-scale trading in the buying and selling process, P ".
"The current decline in Betquin prices is linked to other factors, including the tightening of controls by governments on the activities of the currency, as it is clear that the lack of centralization makes them an excellent mediator in the world of crime, for example the South Korean Customs Authority announced Announced the discovery of $ 600 million worth of crimes using virtual currencies, adding to the piracy of the Korean Quincyk stock exchange, and lost $ 530 million. These piracy undoubtedly undermine confidence in the currencies' safety.
Some analysts believe that virtual currency, specifically Bitquin, may see more price declines in the coming days, following Facebook's ban on all e-currency advertising on the site in an effort to prevent advertising of the so-called social networking site " Which are often associated with misleading and deceptive promotional practices, specifically digital currencies that use malicious methods to attract new investors. "
This means that any advertiser, even those with legitimate businesses, will be barred from advertising any currency-related offers.
"This policy will help detect and stop misleading advertising practices," said Rob Leittern, an advertising technology manager at Facebook.
This move shocked businessmen and investors who believe that Facebook unfairly penalizes legitimate businesses and businesses that deal with these currencies.
But these views do not resonate strongly with supporters of the virtual currency, including Henry Hewitt, a banking expert who tells the "economy" that what is happening now is a natural and automatic correction of a currency that has not yet enjoyed the widespread spread of traditional currencies. Current "temporary", there is a significant increase in acceptance of default currencies, which will promote the gradual demand for them in the future.
"The significant rise in the prices of the past year has contributed significantly to being a gold competitor. This is an important step to gaining value. Although Betcuene is not a substitute for gold so far, the increasing replacement of gold in the future will significantly reduce Of their price volatility, which will give them more stability, and then boost the demand for them, but with the stability of supply almost, the rise in prices seems inevitable.
Some believe that the real challenge facing virtual currencies is not investment, because rising prices are always an element of attraction for a party to buy, but the challenge lies in their ability to be a real and recognized intermediary to conduct trade from buying and selling to different goods and services and completing transactions Big business.
"The turning point for virtual currencies will take place as they turn into a real currency used to complete day-to-day buying and selling, and this has not happened so far," said Andrew Deen, deputy general manager of International Overseas Trade. Some Web sites, and some very limited shops in Japan, for example, Pitcullin as a tool to pay the value of purchases, this behavior can be described as highly elitist, not a pattern of economic trading.
On the other hand, international deals with Bitquin seem to have just begun with the announcement that a Turkish football club on Tuesday concluded the first transfer deal using the digital currency of Petcown.
Haroon Middlea Sport, a local club in the amateur league, signed a contract with Omar Farouk Kiroglo, 22, for a 2,000-pound ($ 531.70) peccuene coin, plus 2,500 pounds in cash.
"We have done this to make a name for ourselves in the country and in the world, and we are proud of that," said club president Khaldoun Shahid.
"This is something new for me and for the world," the club's CNN TV quoted Kirogu as saying. "As we are doing something new, I am open to new things."
As for international transactions involving Bitquin, Andrew denies that there are international transactions of value that have been made using virtual currencies, even if they are limited, because the huge price volatility of the virtual currencies, and within short periods of time, make the parties to the transaction in doubt Of its justice, as it can represent an extraordinary profit for a party and a great loss to the other.


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