Representatives of leading Russian universities in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations active in development, signed a memorandum on the exploitation of natural resources in space.

Russia hopes through this step to open new horizons for the exploitation of natural resources in space objects and contribute to the development of the space sector.

Participants in the document, which took place today at the National University of Technology Research in Moscow, And the development of a Russian law governing the exploitation of natural resources in space will encourage companies wishing to enter this new sector to transfer their business to Russia.

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                            For the first time, thousands of planets are discovered outside the Milky Way

The material extracted from the surface of the bodies will be used to build stations that are used to launch further flights into space. Rare materials, such as platinum, will be transported directly to the Earth.

Experts believe that the exploitation of natural resources in space will lead To increase the business and space services to $ 3 trillion, and the exploitation of these resources will radically transform the space technology model.

Russia is not the only country to seek the exploitation of space resources. Both the United States and Luxembourg earlier approved a law regulating the extraction Natural resources

Source: Agencies

Fred Geerley


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