World markets fell sharply from New York, which fell Monday by about 5%, the lowest daily decline since 2011, to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which fell Tuesday to more than 4%.

The markets are experiencing a sell-off as investor fears of inflation and the possibility of a decline in the US economy, while interest rates on US government bonds rose very quickly.

The Dow ended Monday's session on Wall Street down 4.6% The Standard & Poor's 500 Index fell 4.10% to close at 2648.94 points. [19659002] The two indices posted the biggest single-day drop since August 2011, losing most of the gains they have made since the US tax cut last year.

Sale wave in European markets

European stock markets were hit by The European Stoxx 600 index fell 1.6% to close at the lowest level since mid-November 2017 in the sixth consecutive session of losses, while the Stokes index of the euro area stocks closed Down 0.6%.

Russia's stock market was the most fortunate

The Moscow Stock Exchange fell slightly on Monday, with the Nikkei's "MICEX" index down 0.22% and the RTS index declining 0.71%.

Stock Exchanges Asian markets hit Wall Street

In Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange fell more than 4% at the opening of trading session Tuesday to join the US counterpart.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange also fell by about 4% Tuesday in an unprecedented event, The Hang Seng Index lost 3.77%, or 1216.56 points, to record 310,268.68 points.

In China, Shanghai Composite was 1.99% (69.49 points), recording 3,418.01 points, while the Shenzhen Composite Index lost 1.95% to record 1771.08 points.

Source: Agencies

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