Syrian Economy Minister Samer Al-Khalil described his country's current economy as "developed" and predicted a great growth in local industry.
        He also expressed his optimism about the start of the rise of the economy on the recovery ladder supported by important government measures, including supporting exhibitions known as Syrian products and promoting them in neighboring countries, increasing export contracts, reducing production costs by providing energy at prices commensurate with the difficult conditions of producers, Which provide temporary protection for certain industries.

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                             Damascus reveals its gas reserves and is looking for abundant oil production
He pointed out that the government reduced customs duties by 50% on raw materials in local industries and exemption of imported machinery from customs duties by 100%.

On raising the income of citizens, Hebron explained to the Syrian newspaper "Al Watan" To create PPC parallels raising the volume of demand for national products from the domestic consumer. He revealed that the Board of Directors of the Syrian Investment Authority has completed the final draft of the new investment law, which is considered a modern and comprehensive canceling all other investment laws and various and presented to investors in an easy manner commensurate with the next stage.

Source: Agencies

Nadejda Anutina



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