North Nile 2, the company responsible for laying new pipelines to transport Russian gas to Europe, plans to obtain all the necessary permits and start pipeline construction across the Baltic Sea in 2018.
        "My main goal is to ensure the pipeline in 2018, especially since we have implemented all the technical requirements, and we will mobilize our partners to launch the project," the company's chief executive, Matthias Warnig, said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt. "We are just getting permission from Germany, and soon we will get the licenses from Sweden. Overall, we expect the licenses to be completed in the coming months," he said.

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                            Washington sparks Europe on Russian gas project

On the difficulties facing the project, he explained that the fundamental problem is politicization of this business, especially by the United States, which sees the project as a competitor in the European gas market.

He said: "Washington views the project as passive, A time that barely understands the European energy market and is working to highlight a threat coming from Russia. "

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                            The European Union opposes US sanctions against Russia

Over the past decades, Russia has succeeded in strengthening its position as a reliable supplier in the European energy market, which supplies about a third of its needs, and in this framework is working to extend the "Northern Torrent-2" gas pipeline to ensure a stable and safe supply.

Is a two-pipe project with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany directly across the Baltic Sea floor. It is supposed to be built parallel to the "Northern Torrent" pipeline. Gazprom's share in the project is 50%, and a consortium of 5 other European energy companies has a 10% stake in the project. The cost of the project is 8 billion euros.

Source: Agencies

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