US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with 3 billion dollars to support Iraq in a number of projects, stressing support for the administration of his country to the Iraqi Prime Minister in the fight against corruption and terrorism.
        "As President Trump said, we are committed to supporting the private sector in Iraq in the areas of import and export," Tillerson told a news conference Tuesday in Kuwait. "A memorandum of understanding was signed between US Exim Bank and the Iraqi Ministry of Finance worth US $ 3 billion Of projects in the field of transport and other areas. "

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Tillerson said, "American companies signed a previous agreement worth two billion dollars in the field of electricity in Iraq," following "another project worth 350 million dollars, will be started, in addition to many new projects."

"The United States will remain the closest ally of Iraq, which has passed important stages in its history and we support a stable Iraq," pointing out at the end of his speech that "the US administration supports Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi in the fight against corruption."

Source: "Sputnik" 19659002] Fred Geerley


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