The French-Syrian joint-venture Manal Ibtisam announced today its withdrawal from the French version of The Voice, after many pressures on it, calling for its removal from the program, due to its criticism of the French government's handling of the terrorist attacks in Nice in 2016 , Through a series of tweets published by her Twitter account.

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Although Manal deleted the tweets, the French press re-published them after winning the tests and moving them to the second stage of the program, which prompted her to publish a new tweet that showed what she meant by previous tweets and her position on everything that was happening, That she had apologized to the families of the victims of the bloody events in France.

Manal Ibtisam announced her withdrawal from The Voice through a video posted on her Facebook account. You want to hurt someone's feelings, and it was Broadcast its message of peace not to stir up trouble, so I decided today to end the adventure and leave the program, and thanked all the people who Sanduha, stressing that it will continue her career.

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It seems that Manal Ibtisam decided to announce her withdrawal from the program before being excluded from it, TF1, which broadcasts the program, had earlier announced that it was looking closely at the issue, without ruling out the option of removing it from the competition.
In the details, two men attacked Manal on the backdrop of the twittering she wrote after the Nice attack in July 2016, when a civilian bus attacked the street and killed 84 of them. Manal then scoffed at the identity of the Tunisian hijacker.
The attackers regained their admiration for the fact that Manal was defending terrorism, which led her to break her silence, asserting that her twitter was misinterpreted and that she sang "Hallelujah" in the program as an invitation to love, asserting that she was born in France and that she was the country she loved.
The attackers were not convinced of Manal's justification and the attack continued to demand that she be removed from the program, stressing that if she won she would win the votes of the Arabs, not the French.
It is noteworthy that Manal Ibtisam was able to win the satisfaction of the members of the four judges of the program, who turned to all of them.
Manal Ibtisam is the first veiled girl to participate in the program in its French version after seven seasons of its premiere.

Watch how Manal announced her withdrawal

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