In a remarkable move to show its humanity, the Duke of Cambridge donated Princess Kate Middleton to her hair to help make wigs for children with cancer.
They have been sent to a charity to help children with cancer.
It is reported that Kate Middleton donated her hair to a charity for children with cancer. It was said that the Duke of Cambridge had raised the idea while she was cutting her hair at Kensington Palace.
Joey, who works for Richard Ward at Chelsea, said she had cut seven inches of Kate's hair four months ago when she decided to donate it.
"The princess mentioned this idea to Joy, who was thought to be a wonderful idea," a royal source told The Daily Express.
"It was sent using someone else's name, so the agency did not know it was from a royal source – they thought it was a female donor in the Kensington area," a royal source said.
"It's a pretty idea that somewhere a little girl is happy to be wearing a wig made of real princess hair, it's a very nice thing to have Kate done this, and a very well thought out way to use the hair that could be thrown after the story, .
Kate's foundation was Heartfinders Little Princess Trust, founded in 2006 by Hannah Tarbelli's parents, who died at the age of five from a cancerous tumor, although she was undergoing chemotherapy.
The foundation works with wig makers who make wigs of real hair for children who have lost hair as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy and have so far helped thousands of children.
Other famous characters who donated hair to the Society include Harry Styles, who sent his poetry in 2006.
A charity spokeswoman said it was usual to send donations but said she was not aware of any donation from the Duke of Cambridge.



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