The images of a young Turkish man ignited the social networking sites of the past few hours because of the similarity between the features and features of the famous Turkish artist Kivanc Tatlitug in the Arab world in the name of "Muhannad", in relation to the character that he embodied during the events of the books of "forbidden love" and "

The Turkish young man is similar to the famous star in a way that made a large number of fans of the Turkish star trading the young man's photos via Facebook.

The images have spread widely and have been widely circulated, some have pushed to make designs for the two pictures together to emphasize The great similarity between them.

Kivanc Tat Leitung has been busy for the past few days filming his new film, "Come on, My Son," in which the famous Turkish star plays the role of a hunter who lives with his autistic son. The film monitors the father's suffering with the little boy and many of their human stories together.


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