New York State Attorney Eric Schneiderman announced the start of prosecutions at the studio, founded by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Robert on charges of not protecting employees from sexual harassment.
The new prosecutions include the Wissentin Company, Harvey, Rupert and Weinstein, accused by the Attorney General of violating human rights, individual rights and the Labor Code.

The announcement came four months after the start of the Weinstein scandal, which more than 100 women accuse of harassment, sexual assault and rape. Several of his victims have begun to be tried by civil courts, but no charges have yet been brought.
"The Wissentin Company has repeatedly violated New York laws by not protecting its employees against sexual harassment, threats and discrimination."

The move came as a result of a four-month investigation into which employees, cadres and victims of Harvey and Weinstein were questioned with in-depth check of the company's archives and messages As explained by the Prosecutor.



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