The World Summit of Governments hosted Ariana Huffington, founder and CEO of Three Global and the Huffington Post Blog, which delivered a speech entitled "Third Women's Revolution", focusing on ways and means to empower women workers to strengthen social ties and reduce work pressures .

Huffington said: "The scourge of stress and exhaustion has become a global phenomenon that can not be sustained. Millions of people around the world hold the false notion that they have to endure exhaustion to succeed in their career."

"Our work has become futile for its impact on our productivity. A Gallup study found that the majority of staff complaining of lack of concentration in their work are exhausted, causing them psychological stress and some of them resigning."

Huffington also noted that increasing addiction to devices Electronic and intelligent negatively affects p

Huffington explained that every person within him has a center of wisdom and a sense of peace. When a person loses contact with this center, he loses his ability to concentrate and perform the productive work And advised that every person should be eager to charge the center with positive energy constantly so that he can look at life with optimism.

Huffington pointed out that we have reached a stage where we can not think of living apart from our smart machines, Alan recognizes this and exploits it to achieve returns. She also pointed out that users of social networking sites excessively are the most vulnerable segment because they compare their lives to others and look forward to a life that has nothing to do with their reality.

Huffington stressed the importance of communities restoring relationships and linkages, prioritizing mental health,

Huffington pointed out that artificial intelligence will not be more creative or compassionate or love or wisdom than human beings, concluding with the call of working women to focus on enhanced humanity instead of Keys on the augmented reality so that it can access to effective solutions to the challenges of work.

states that "Treif Global" enterprise engaged in training programs aimed at increasing awareness of working in institutions and companies to reduce the pressures of work and help companies improve the health of their employees.


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