Omar bin Sultan Al Ulama, UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence, Director of the World Summit Foundation for Governments, chaired a session entitled "Can we govern artificial intelligence?" At the World Artificial Intelligence Forum, organized by the World Summit of Governments, in which Sebastian Thron,

Thron said: "We have to go beyond the concept of traditional investment, and move on to invest in brain development and empower people with intelligent systems so that they can perform their jobs efficiently."

He considered

and emphasized that artificial intelligence would create new sectors and functions that were previously unknown and would free people from their daily routines. And work hard and will unleash their creative energies.

Thron revealed that the proportion of human discoveries at this stage did not exceed 1 percent only, and the remaining discoveries will appear very quickly as a result of the accumulation of science and knowledge.

In response to a question scientists on the role of governments in the organization "If governments think of curbing the evolution of these technologies, but it is fine to organize their output, everything in our lives today is governed by law and regulation. That's good."

Thron asked governments to take advantage of the technology revolution that would change the nature of sectors Such as transportation, medicine, etc., and to encourage their communities The openness to science, initiative, leadership and non-traditional education.

He revealed that the future will see AI systems continue to coexist without human mediation. These systems may at some point be able to take decisions and determine their destiny. This should not lead us to fear; On the contrary, it should serve as an incentive for further learning and knowledge to understand this technique and harness it to serve humanity.


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