Development was the focus of a panel discussion at the third World Summit of Governments at its 6th session in Dubai. The session was moderated by Omar Bin Sultan Al Ulama, State Minister of Artificial Intelligence, and was co-founder and CEO of IMplus. The technology was focused on the importance of technology and artificial intelligence for the development and development of individuals and communities. Wilm, a technology entrepreneur and winner of seven Grammy Awards, the Emmy Award and the World Economic Forum's Crystal Prize, recognized that knowledge, technology and artificial intelligence "Governments are encouraged to invest in technology development and focus on artificial intelligence, while focusing on human development," he said. "Developing and promoting artificial intelligence will make a big difference in developing countries and will enable them to accelerate development significantly." [19659002] and considered human intelligence is the basis of development can not be overlooked the great effects of the development of individuals and attention to them, pointing to the need to pay attention to education and guide young people to study science and technology and artificial intelligence, and use this intelligence to achieve the well-being of peoples,

On the challenges posed by technology to communities, WIL IM said that technology is witnessing major changes every day, expressing the hope that countries can keep abreast of developments and move towards the use of artificial intelligence to serve the goals of sustainable development, Poverty and Hunger in the World.

He pointed out the importance of investing in teaching and educating children in technology, designing programs to train them in basic research and innovation skills, and looking for new ways to use artificial intelligence as a tool rather than an alternative to human beings. Artificial intelligence should enhance the ability

Technological advances have led to the emergence of new ways and methods of indirect education, relying on the use of technological innovations and artificial intelligence to achieve the required learning, satellite and satellite channels, and the international information network, in order to provide learning for those Among the various youth groups.

The World Summit of Governments has attracted more than 4,000 people from 140 countries, reflecting the regional and international visibility of the Summit and the great interest of governments, international organizations, public and private sector bodies Decision-makers, business leaders, academics and university students and innovators. The Summit will host 130 speakers in 120 interactive sessions.


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