Cake A new browser for Android users and iOS helps search faster than other browsers, where the main screen in the browser 5 search tabs in the video, photos, sites, news and shopping, and the browser allows search within the search box.

Smartphone browsers, the search takes you to the search results list, where you can click again to reach an actual result, but Cake browser takes you directly to the first result, or you can drag to the right to move to the second result.

The images will get the perfect search results from Google, however You use video search to get your search results from YouTube or you can drag to get other results from Google, Fimo, Bing, etc.

News search works like normal search but only news results. In Google, Amazon, Wal-Mart and other stores. You can also customize, hide, or rearrange all of these tabs, but you can not add new tabs.

A great feature of a browser is that it does not take the main browser Smartphone, and can be installed on the phone's home screen. [19659002] The browser can be downloaded on smart phones free of charge from my store Google Play & Store.


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