The Dubai Ambulance Foundation has reviewed a future Ford Transit, one of the most advanced ambulances, during its participation in the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference which concluded last week.

The Foundation has developed an ambulance for the future within the framework of a project within the "Dubai 10 X" initiative, and was equipped by the US emergency vehicles group was equipped with the latest safety equipment and patient care from Verno – Washington, "Dubai 10 X" is an initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in which all government agencies in Dubai are mandated to apply today what the other cities of the world will apply after 10 years. , Through radical changes through innovative thinking "The future ambulance combines the latest innovations in patient care, passenger safety, communication, integration and diagnostics technologies," said Khalifa Hassan Al Dari, Executive Director of Dubai Healthcare Services. "Ford Transit is an ideal choice because of its design capabilities and versatility. Allowing them to deliver the advanced benefits that the organization is looking for.

Ford has collaborated with Verno and the US Emergency Vehicle Group to manufacture the world's most advanced ambulance by providing state-of-the-art medical technology, connectivity and vehicle benefits.

While the car is equipped with the best installation systems for the patient and paramedics, and equip the interior cabin with the systems installed on the wall of the car, which can be moved quickly and easily thanks to practical installation belts, but the real strength lies in the diverse features and various areas provided by the ambulance transit .

The Advanced Vehicle Information Unit draws information from the navigation system and integrates it with the vehicle data coming from the on-board diagnostic system to show information on three touch screens, one in the driver's compartment and two in the rear.

"We are living in an era where everything depends on the data, and it is about inductive analysis and how we benefit from it," said Eric Gallagher, chief executive of Verno Acetec. "The whole thing is about the forecasting scenarios in the ambulance fleet and what to do from one point."

The automotive and healthcare sectors are witnessing a continuous and accelerated development as the technology revolution has made a quantum leap in all areas in recent years. Hence, the importance of future ambulances related to hospitals, supervision centers and other emergency services in the region, (19659002) Ford has accelerated the pace of work with connected and intelligent vehicles, including autos, electric cars and digital services, to thrive in an efficient and advanced transmission system. Ford is also testing its new hybrid electric transit vehicle in London and Germany to explore The ability of hybrid electric vehicles to contribute to reducing air pollution and improving productivity.

"For over 50 years, companies have relied on the Ford Transit vehicle in their business, and we intend to maintain this tradition," said Terry Reiner, Commercial Vehicle Manager, Ford Middle East and Africa. in shade "We are moving to a future based on a higher level of communication. The vision of a future ambulance on the road is a proud achievement and we look forward to working closely with our partners and customers to launch a new generation of emergency vehicles in the region."


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