Facebook in the Middle East and North Africa today announced the launch of the Community Leadership Program on Facebook as part of its global initiative to support, support and invest in people who have successfully built communities online or on the ground. Within this program, Facebook will invest tens of millions of dollars, including $ 10 million in direct grants to people who lead communities, in support of their efforts and enable them to continue building their communities through Facebook applications and services.

Community leaders through this program With a unique opportunity to register now in the Fellowship and Fellowship Program, designed to provide training, support and funding to help influential leaders develop community-based initiatives.

The five best community leaders from around the world who have bold and influential ideas, To join the program, and grant them a sum of $ 1 million each, to finance their offers to the program. In addition, 100 community leaders from around the world will be selected to join the fellowship program, each receiving $ 50,000 in community initiatives.

Facebook also provides new tools for group managers and has announced the expansion of the team of engineers Which is based in London and is tasked with building techniques that help users maintain their safety and security on Facebook.

  • Managers tools: Managers can now find member requests, unpublished comments, group views, settings, etc. combined in one place.
  • Group advertising: At the request of group managers to facilitate the process of sharing updates, Facebook introduced the "Group Advertising Data" tool, which allows the manager to publish 10 data appear at the top of the page for the group. The manager can pre-set the timing of publication for each statement, giving them greater flexibility in delivering important information on time.
  • Group rules: Maintaining the integrity of communities is essential. Many managers have imposed special standards and norms within their groups.
  • Personality: Each community has its own unique personality. Facebook has launched a range of colors that allow managers to add their personal color to the group. This new design allows friends of the group members to identify and strengthen their connections.

The Facebook Community Leadership Program can now be applied and inspirational community leaders can submit their requests to visit communities.fb.com.


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