ONEm announced in a press release today that it received a large number of applications from around the world prior to the initial launch of mCoin, the first digital currency to be dealt with outside the Internet.

The IPO is guaranteed, as the share is limited, and the IPO price is guaranteed at 1 cent per unit. The IPO price is expected to rise as well as an additional bonus.

“MCoin is a digital currency that is friendly to financial institutions, government agencies and international organizations to benefit from its broad coverage across all mobile users and the flexibility to adopt it across a variety of business models that do not conflict with existing financial systems,” said Christopher Richardson, Founder and CEO of ONEm. .

“We are delighted to see this high turnout from around the world as evidence that mCoin will be the most popular and most popular digital currency.”

Onem, which develops and launches the digital currency mCoin, is headquartered in London and has a regional branch in Dubai, a company specializing in advanced communications technologies. Over the past few years, the company has developed a number of technologies aimed at enabling all groups of people around the world to benefit from the digital revolution without waiting for Internet access.

Based on these advanced technologies and on the Chin Block Revolution, the company has developed the first popular encrypted currency, with all digital currencies available only to the 2.8 billion Internet users, while mCoin will be available to all 5.8 billion mobile users worldwide Of which 3 billion are not connected to the Internet.

ONEm has signed a number of agreements with telecom operators in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Telecom Cell, Indonesia’s largest telecommunications company with more than 170 million subscribers. ONEm is set to start operating in more than 50 countries this year 2018, allowing hundreds of millions of people in Africa and Asia to deal with the digital currency mCoin, which will steadily increase their value for the free market access to competition from all other digital currencies .

The pre-IPO of the mCoin Currency can be made through the dedicated link in a number of languages, including Arabic, on the Company’s official website at the following link.


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