The president of the Tunisian game develepment, Hossam Ben Omar, said on the evening of Friday, January 27, 2018, that the international competition for the production of video games Global Game Jam Tunisia 2018 was launched in Tunisia since 2013 and is organized Annually in Tunisia at the end of January each year.

The President of the Assembly that this international competition is organized in Tunisia for the sixth time and is usually preparing in advance, indicating that this year's competition included nearly 120 participants from different parts of the country to meet each other, And that it was organized in Sousse and Gabes, in the context of bringing them closer to the youth of the states who can not In addition to the goal of the Global Game Jam tunisia 2018 is to encourage young people to innovate in the field of digital games by bringing Tunisian experts to Tunisia.

Hossam Ben Omar said that the theme of this year's event will be announced in conjunction with the announcement in different countries of the world, taking into account the time difference between the countries, stressing that starting next year will be organized Global game jam tunisia in the city of culture in the capital.

For the occasion, the events of the international competition for the production of toys Global game jam tunisia 2018 has been launched in Naples since Friday, January 26, 2018, and continues until Sunday 28th of the same month.



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