The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced that it has completed the latest hospital management system, which included the integration of artificial intelligence in the client's trip to the Qumatic Health Facility, the Bed Management Department and the PACE-Real Time Dashboard to improve health services in the Ministry's hospitals. To be held at the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference held in Dubai to February 1.

Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Hospital Sector, emphasized the Ministry's strategy to promote community health through comprehensive and innovative health services With the introduction of smart services and the integration of artificial intelligence technology into the medical services in implementation of the Emirates Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis by 100 percent by 2021, in line with the UAE's 2071 percent which seeks to be the best UAE in the world in all fields.

This innovative system integrates three AI systems that produce detailed data on dashboards with detailed data from the data warehouse and according to periodic data from hospitals that are subject to processing leading to predictive results and scenarios that help to use Resources in hospitals, especially emergency and inpatient. The intelligent switching between departments and paracodes is based on the reading of the waiting card, which shows the client's data according to the appointment schedule in the vein. It was applied in all hospitals and will be applied in the health centers.

The client's journey in the Ministry's hospitals

Dr. Kalthoum Al Balushi, In the hospitals of the ministry depends more than one way to attend and registration of the patient, including what is before and after arrival, and immediately after entering the hospital and cover the outpatient pharmacy, laboratories, radiation and emergency centers and happy customers, where the client can be smart phone to get a card Waiting for the role in the hospital before arrival through smart application and know the number of customers on hold and send notifications when approaching the role of the client in addition to the possibility of sending notifications of events and health awareness campaigns. Upon arrival at the hospital, the client can register and confirm the attendance through the Kiosk (self-registration service) screen 17 inch through the UAE ID or the standard medical file number or mobile number.

Bed Mngt Electronic Family Management System

, An innovative system under which the Ministry of Health and Community Protection acquired intellectual property registered in the Department of Intellectual Works at the Ministry of Economy No. 2017-313 after obtaining a registration certificate for an electronic system developed internally within the hospital sector. The electronic system provides accurate and accurate information on the state of hospitals in terms of the beds of patients used, the number of nursing staff and medical staff who are in hospitals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a clear and transparent mechanism to monitor the optimal utilization of resources of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection,

The system consists of two basic levels, the hospital level in its departments, and a higher level that collects information for all hospitals in one place and includes comprehensive analyzes and changing tables.

Yousef Mohammed Al Sarkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Hospital Sector, stressed the importance of this invention as part of the Ministry's strategy to build quality and safety systems. And sustainable resource planning and management, translate into a vision of good leadership in achieving the objectives of the National Innovation Strategy towards creating an enabling environment for innovation and support for innovation incubators, and building national capacities

The electronic system is based on the principle of computing to access family data in a timely and accurate way to help optimize the operation of the family in the The system was developed and developed to meet the needs and patterns of hospital work. It was registered under the intellectual property rights in the name of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the Department of Intellectual Works The success of hospital management staff in developing this electronic program reflects the positive impact of motivation and guidance and the promotion of creative solutions. It also represents an inspiration for local and federal government programs towards re-inventing government performance in pursuit of invention and ownership platforms. And an indicator of the Ministry's commitment to providing universal health care within the highest standards of international practice.

The electronic system said that the system contains nine critical standards For each bed which the medical, nursing and administrative staff cares about, including the current bed condition, the current occupancy rate, and the description of the patient's condition in the internal departments in terms of the possibility of evacuation when needed. Hospital data were also consolidated by family numbers and numbers … etc. In addition, the family was classified according to WHO standards and best practices in this field to allow for benchmarking with other hospitals.

The electronic system gives statistics on the number of nursing staff in the internal departments in various shifts, Census for both cadres and families alike and recycling nursing human resources as needed.


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