Apple decided to delay the release of some updates due to concerns over software gaps, Bloomberg reported Tuesday (February 13th, 2018).

Apple said Apple's commitment to the annual update this fall would not include some

According to Bloomberg, there will be no redesign of the main screen on the iPhone or update of the photo application, as part of a new strategy for the head of programming Craig Vidrige.

Developers will have more time to work on Apple New features and mastery of their programming, while a mini update will be issued on the same date

The new updates are expected to include a way to link applications to all Apple devices, as well as to update a digital tool that allows parents to monitor their children's use of computers.

Bloomberg quoted a source close to the company as saying that this change in Apple's strategy

The agency described this shift by acknowledging the US technology giant, as users have already noticed that some applications have become vulnerable.

Internet users publish the most important secret about it The iPhone is a smart phone produced by Apple Inc., one of the most dangerous leaks in the smartphone industry and could pose a major threat to the phone users and to the company and to the operating system operated by these phones, which is believed to be the strongest in the world.



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