LG globally relies on future technologies such as artificial intelligence, automated learning, data analysis, etc. to develop business and improve management practices, as well as enhance collaborative efforts in this field with other companies.

Its exclusive technology based on deep learning of artificial intelligence supports the company's efforts to accelerate the development of new products that are characterized by the latest technology and the best it has created. A product of the current wave of artificial intelligence What LG recently launched at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, LG Robot CLOi Robot.

This robot achieved a significant presence and attracted widespread interest in the recently concluded LG Infiniti Middle East and Africa 2018 event.

In implementation of LG's strategy to integrate artificial intelligence into all its products, it announced the launch of the Think brand to distinguish all Its products for 2018 are based on the artificial intelligence of household appliances, consumer electronics and services.

All of LG's Think products and services from LG employ deep learning techniques and connect with each other for intelligent user service, relying on a variety of artificial intelligence technologies developed by LG partners, as well as artificial intelligence technology that

According to a recent report by IDC, spending on cognitive systems and artificial intelligence systems is expected to exceed $ 114 million by 2021.

Gartner expects to achieve 50 percent of analytical interactions By IQ only In the next three to five years.

According to the 2017 Global 2017 Global Survey, young people in the Middle East and North Africa region expect the 4th industrial revolution to have a significant impact on their daily and daily lives.

Kevin Cha, president of LG Electronics Middle East and Africa, said: "Artificial intelligence and robotics are expected to lead to shifts in lifestyles and business sectors. In various ways The world, leading ultimately to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks on the performance of people at home, work or even eliminate known since ancient corruption practices, and this is currently pumping large investments in this area. " "As the years go on, consumers in the region will see significant benefits in their lives brought to them by our electronic and home-based devices with artificial intelligence, which is beneficial to them and useful to our distribution and retail partners."

LG began developing Deep Think 1.0 last year by creating an artificial intelligence lab for LG in Korea to accelerate research in artificial intelligence, a platform that Enables artificial intelligence to be easily integrated into Jmuah wide range of products, allowing for product developers in the company's development of deep learning techniques for future products.

Based on the open strategy of Think Artificial Intelligence, LG's products, developed from the Deep Think platform from mobile phones to home appliances, will provide a comprehensive user experience as they incorporate a wide range of technologies and solutions from the latest in its Intelligent Technology Platform "LG Electronics is committed to enhancing its portfolio of artificial intelligence products," said Derek Sim, marketing director at LG Electronics Middle East and Africa. "We believe that the core of our mission is to improve people's lives and we have unshakable confidence that investing in emerging technologies is the foundation for this goal. We are excited about the future and optimistic about the benefits that will enable us to develop what helps customers enhance their productivity during their daily lives," said Derek. 19659002] Deep Think has already changed the way some LG products are designed to target businesses and consumers. For example, LG's guidance robots at Incheon International Airport in Korea are improving their voice recognition ability to better understand passengers through sophisticated noise assessment. LG's robotic vacuum cleaner learns the difference between a chair and a dog because it is equipped with artificial intelligence and is able to move home according to that knowledge. LG's smart kitchen products such as the Instavio Think refrigerator, the EasyKine oven and the QuadWatch dishwasher are constantly increasing efficiency, allowing users to spend their time in LG Electronics is developing a technology based on deep learning by introducing a special tool to develop and deploy artificial intelligence in all its business segments, accelerating its efforts to launch new products equipped with the latest The techniques


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