Daimler's new Mercedes-Benz 'A' has recently unveiled its user's automatic learning and voice recognition technology in one of the bold evolution of the automotive industry's efforts so far to challenge the best that technology companies can offer.

The new is almost incomparable in its ability to understand what the car leader says – and more importantly to understand what he means specifically – technologies such as the Siri program produced by Apple and Google Asistant produced by Alphabet.

The new Mercedes (MBOX) Competitors of the automobile industry are competing in the race for modern technology,

Daimler has warned itself that its 2018 earnings growth will be affected by investment in modern technology.

Car makers, especially the older ones, are resisting the 'tug' of major technology companies In several areas, including self-leadership and related services – which are more likely to achieve commercial profits through the use of voice recognition.

"The system used by Daimler" is narrowing the gap with technology, "said Mike Ramsey, analyst at Gartner Technology Research." If it succeeds, Mercedes will set a new standard and give automakers hope they can develop a virtual audio application such as the Siri application or Google "

Mercedes developed its new car as well and its engine and the car became more spacious from the inside and also had semi-autonomous driving technology that is easy to control on highways.



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