Professionals in the UAE give skills and experience greater importance than their personal strengths, according to new data. LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, analyzed the most common words in member files around the world in 2017. The word "successful" was absent from the list of the 10 most common words for the first time since 2015, and replaced by the word "skill" for the first time as well.

The following is a list of the 10 most frequently used words on LinkedIn in the UAE in 2017:

  • Experienced
  • Maher
  • Specialist
  • Expert
  • Leadership
  • [196900012] Successful

To help you understand the change in the language used and the results of other data, LinkedIn collaborated with Dr. Y Weapons Afridi, Specialist Clinical Psychology Clinic in "The Light House Arabia", which explained the meaning of this phenomenon, for now the job seeker.

  • LinkedIn's data shows a shift from simplifying the spotlight to specific personal strengths such as "successful" and "pushy", focusing on skills and abilities that can be more accurately classified. "The words used in 2017 are an equal mix of" advanced skills "associated with performance and" primitive skills "associated with thinking, Dr. Afridi said. The region is undergoing rapid development, and governments and companies are not only looking for strategic, expert and skilled personnel, but also for aggressive people and officials with leadership qualities.
  • The word "expert" reappeared in the list of the 10 most frequently used words in 2016, with the word "specialist" in 2016 and 2017 among professionals seeking To confirm their experience. "This region is looking for the best talent, for people who are experts in their field. They use the word in its broader sense to include people who not only hold the appropriate certificate but also have years of experience before they are hired. In emerging markets, companies have to do a lot of work in a short time, and team experts limit the time spent, the money, the energy, and the resources that need to be allocated to develop specific individuals for a specific job. "
  • Popular word data also show an increase in use The word "leadership" in recent years, ranked first in 2015 and remained among the five most used words since that time. "Given the speed of change, detailed management is no longer a place," Dr. Afridi said. "Companies are looking for people who are motivated and enthusiastic and have the qualities of a good leader."

"For many, job is no longer a lifelong job," said Nada Anan, marketing and public relations director at LinkedIn Middle East and North Africa. We are constantly looking for new opportunities better than our predecessors and are seeking to develop ourselves, and this leads to the adoption of idealism. People develop their skills and remember this in their files. With employers using keywords to find the right candidates, we encourage members to use the right words to get the work they dream about. It's time to make sure the words you use in your file play the same effective role as you do in job interviews. "

Tips for helping members improve their files and draw attention to recruiters:

Take pride in your online appearance: Help your favorite employer To find you by ensuring that your file on LinkedIn is complete to serve you in the best way. Start from the language you use, and if you consider yourself "specialists", prove this by modifying your file to suit your specialty. Recall the relevant skills that you have gained over years of work and experience.

Show your personality: Though the words you choose reflect a large part of your personality, it is also important to adopt a professional tone, be firm and speak directly about your achievements. Do not hesitate to give a specific character to your language. It is an excellent way to shed light on your personality.

Do not be content with words: Instead of saying that you are "creative," prove your creativity to the employers by including presentations, videos, design and projects that you pride yourself on. You want to differentiate between a myriad of other potential candidates, and you have only five to ten seconds to impress a potential employer.

Become Activists: Do not just stick to what you see in your file, the spirit of initiative is essential to expanding the knowledge network. Follow institutions that inspire or love you. They have gained new colleagues. Join groups and participate in discussions. This keeps your file active and shows employers that you are familiar with what is happening in your field.

Express your opinion: If you are an expert on a particular topic, do not hesitate to write a publication on LinkedIn. By expressing your opinion on specific issues in your field of work, you show others that you are knowledgeable and knowledgeable.


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