Sometimes the easiest way to take a copy of something is to take a screenshot of your screen, which is what the snipping tool does in Windows 10, where you keep news stories, movie reviews, or recipes. The tool allows users to capture all or part of the computer screen, add notes, or save a clip. Users can share this snapshot via e-mail, save it, or print it directly. Snips provided by the Snipping Tool Free Snipping Tool: Draw any shape around anything you want to take a snapshot of. Rectangular Clip: Allows you to drag the pointer around anything to form a rectangle. Clip Window: Allows the user to choose a window, such as a browser window or dialog box, that you want to capture. Full Screen Snapshot: Allows you to capture the whole screen. How to find the snipping tool In Windows 10 users can access the tool by typing the snipping tool in the search box, then click the name of the tool, after which you can choose the shape you want. Add a comment to a clip After you capture a clip, you can write or draw on or around the clip by selecting the pen or pen button, and you can select the eraser to remove the lines you drew. Windows 10


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