LG is working on a clear strategy for growth in the next phase, focusing on developing innovative products that maintain a healthy and pure household environment, as well as designing high-end smart home appliances that offer Internet technologies, the ability to communicate and adapt to user lifestyles.

LG has adopted an innovative approach to highlight the key advantages of this new air purifier, and has collaborated with an artist The world-renowned aerodynamic sculptor Daniel and Ritzel, to transform the everyday things we deal with every day into spectacular innovations by organizing anarchic airflow systems using the LG Air Purifier Air Purifier.

Daniel, who lives in Brooklyn, is one of the most famous artists, T Which uses light materials and air to flutter. Daniel found LG's Biorcair air purifier an ideal partner in his creations and was able to detect the inherent beauty of fresh air in his work. After using many of the fixed fans in his creations, he found in the LG Biorcair air purifier and 360-degree design, new horizons and unlimited possibilities to create his amazing works of art.

Daniel commented on the use of the air purifier "The clean air from the LG Biorcair air purifier spills up to seven and a half meters, and the clean air drive gives me another degree of flexibility to create new and innovative works of art. I challenged myself with the new LG Biorkier air purifier that pulls air and drives it at 360 degrees. The powerful air flow from the LG Biorker Air Purifier enabled me to use the largest cloth I have ever incorporated into my artwork, and I have been able to discover the beauty of the fresh air that it produces and uses in my work. "

A file to look at and perhaps some think of its elegance and color is a consistent piece of decoration.

LG Björkir has an air purifier that is sensitive to fine dust, and "understands" it. It also has a unique, Voice commands are equipped with Depthink speech recognition technology to make your home air cleaner, cleaner and more comfortable than it used to be.

The device monitors the quality and purity of the air and does not start working unless it needs to be filtered. Its distinctive cylindrical design features the most advanced air purification technology in its field, the 360 ​​degree full-screen filtration system from LG. The Clean Pasteur enables you to move fresh air around the large rooms with a gentle flow of air around the base, making it an ideal product for families with young children or pets.

LG has not only designed this device to keep the air [LG1965] LG today pioneered its smart home appliances that can anticipate user needs and add greater comfort to the user. Their lives. "The use of Daniel and Ritzle for our latest innovation in the air solutions industry highlights our strength in delivering unrivaled products that simultaneously enjoy beauty, elegance, strength, performance and functionality to provide everything the modern home needs."

"Recent studies reveal that indoor pollen and aerosol dust "We are pleased to provide LG Biorker in the region to overcome these factors. His air control system automatically activates the removal of these particles when he detects that air quality has become poor and causes distress for family members."


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