Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled today the name of its all-new all-wheel drive vehicle that will be named the Cullinan.

Three years ago, the company announced the development of a new all- Thus redefining the definition of luxury and making it practical in various circumstances.

Since that day, the world has been looking forward to waiting for this new Rolls-Royce, which broke the mold. Today, the wait is over and Cullinan has become a reality. "The name Collinan has always been on the horizon since we unveiled our new project a few years ago," said Torsten Mueller Autos, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. "It's the most appropriate name for the new four-wheel drive, "In a presence that redefines the standard of luxury and, like the world's largest and most flawless diamond, it stands out in its idealism and outperforms all its class cars."

The Rollins Royce SUV was renamed the Cullinan ", A tale reflecting m Ne strive to achieve the ideal, just like its name, was refined Rolls-Royce Cullinan to become more like a giant Pmash free of impurities suitable for different roads.

The designers, engineers, technicians and craftsmen of the company worked to determine the shape of this unique car and refined and tested in order to ensure the absence of any defect and make it practical for different roads and conditions.

Muller said: "Collinan is our second car that is manufactured using the company's recently announced luxury structure, based on an entirely aluminum structure, unique and unprecedented at the same time. Each side of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is brilliant and bright."



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