A panel discussion on e-government was held during the third day of the World Summit of Governments in Dubai, in which experts from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) participated.

They reviewed their efforts to support innovation and digital progress in the Arab region, They discussed some important topics including the use of the Internet, massive data, cybersecurity, the commercial use of ICTs, and the empowerment of citizens throughout the Arab world.

Participants discussed the impact of the digital economy on men and women in the Arab region, and identified the use, impact and gender-related gaps as challenges that governments should address as part of the digital transition.

The meeting addressed the existing regulatory frameworks to support technological innovation enabling the government, education and business sectors, as well as contributing to the creation of an enabling and conducive environment for investment, and considered that cooperation and coordination throughout the region is a key factor in supporting the growth of the digital economy in the region. "We are committed to helping establish and support effective frameworks through which e-government services can be deployed effectively as part of a broader ICT strategy," said Karim Khalil, Secretary of ESCWA. We are honored to work with the government in this regard, but this methodology does not fit all at the same time, as every country in the Arab world goes through with its government at a different stage in the process of adopting the digital economy in the form of effective". "We will host open government training courses in Tunisia in the coming months, as well as in the various GCC countries, and contribute leading experts to advise on the development of policies and tools to measure success effectively, and our cooperation with Member States It is important to help us to define and understand the specific national needs of each country. The most important thing in ensuring the Arab world is moving forward is to create a more equal space on the digital scene. In this respect, Dubai and the UAE in general are ahead of most Economies And we would like to see the rest of the other Arab countries draw on their approach and take concrete steps to narrow the digital divide. "

The ESCWA, based in Beirut, provides a framework for the formulation of sector policies related to In member countries and harmonize them, provide a platform for meetings and coordination, and a forum of expertise and knowledge.

It is one of five regional commissions operating under the administrative guidance of the United Nations Economic and Social Council to promote the economic and social development of Western Asia through the regional and subregional cooperation and integration of the 18 ESCWA member States.


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