The number of victims of heavy Taliban bombardment in the Afghan capital Kabul has continued to increase. Ninety-five people were killed and 191 others injured when an explosives ambulance exploded on Saturday.
Health Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Madschroh said Sunday morning. The day before, he had spoken of 95 dead and 158 wounded. In response to the attack, national mourning was declared in Afghanistan on Sunday.

"Despite the enormous damage done to the Jamhuriat hospital a few meters from the scene of the blast, the doctors and nurses immediately took care of the victims," ​​Madschroh added. Dr. Naweed Hamkar has reported scenes of horror. The hospital's emergency room, severely damaged, had been overcrowded with people seriously injured in blast-blown glass. Doctors and nurses who were themselves injured by shards of glass took care of the victims.
Just a week ago, six Taliban fighters attacked the big Intercontinental Hotel during a 17-hour attack and killed at least 20 people, including a German development worker.

The attack of one of the safest roads in the city near embassies and Afghan security facilities has also been the heaviest since the bombing of trucks in front of the embassy of Germany in May 2017, when about 150 people were killed.
The Taliban control or influence at least 13% of the country and fight for 30 others. This is another reason why the United States and some NATO countries are now sending thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan. The Bundeswehr will likely send more soldiers after the Union and the SPD agree in their coalition polls. Up to now, nearly 1,000 German soldiers are there.

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